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  • DragonHawk EGO Rotary Tattoo Machine
DragonHawk EGO Rotary Tattoo Machine
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DragonHawk EGO Rotary Tattoo Machine

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- EGO tattoo machine pen was designed and built by tattoo artist Bez. This pen has exquisite appearance processing technology,Light weight, unibody, strong power, super stable, it is quite easy to master.

- EGO Tattoo Machine built-in switch turn on /off,give you the closest feeling to the actual pen,easy to adjust the needle, the sound is crisp, wear resistant.

- This machine could be used both shading, lining.Match all cartridge needles.



- Tattoo pen WQ666

- Working Volts: 5-8V Motor Speed: 9000m

- Country of original: Japan

Note :When open the power supply press foot pedal,then press the knob top of machine ,the machine start work,otherwise stop work.

RCA cord connection included.