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  •  HP2 Hurricane Power Regulator LCD Digital
 HP2 Hurricane Power Regulator LCD Digital
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HP2 Hurricane Power Regulator LCD Digital

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- Simultaneously set secant, three fogging, and six machine memory mode, so that the pedal mode can work for a short time or keep working for a long time. One button can be realized, permanent storage, and can keep working memory for a long time.

- General-purpose voltage 110-240v, 50/60 Hz, without hook line, foot pedal, voltage, current, frequency, duty cycle, output is similar to other, the default adjustment value is 0.1v, you can also change the value in the setup menu. Available in 0.1V, 0.2V, and 0.5V.

- The clock button has four functions: start, pause, resume, reset. When the stopwatch is not timing, press this button to start the recovery; when the stopwatch is timing, press this button to stop the timing but not reset the stopwatch. ; Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, the stopwatch will be reset.

- The stopwatch cannot be timed when the power supply is in sleep mode.

- Set menu operation: Press and hold the L and S keys for about 3 seconds at the same time. When you enter the configuration menu, use the L or S key to export the setup menu. When setting, when the option you want to set flashes, use any arrow shape. Button to change the settings.

- When you are satisfied with the current device, press the clock button to save and propose the setup menu. There are three settings in the setup menu, namely voltage memory mode, time setting, and voltage adjustment accuracy setting.