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  • Mapping String for PMU and Microblading
Mapping String for PMU and Microblading
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Mapping String for PMU and Microblading

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- GREAT SIZE: Each roll has 100ft (30m) of pre-marked mapping thread, positioned inside a sealed glass stylish bottle. A built-in cutter lets you get the correct string length quickly and easily.

- TOP QUALITY: Soaked in Allergen-Free Ink to leave thin but Well Seen Marks on the Skin. One Thread Can Leave a Mark for up to 10 Lines!

- CREATE STUNNING BROWS: If you’re looking for the best pre-inked brow mapping string for microblading on the market, look no further.

- PRE-INKED! Strings are pre-marked with hypoallergenic cosmetic grade pigment.z

- THE BEST QUALITY: Our mapping string is the optimal thickness for a truly professional job. A thinner string means no troublesome excess ink getting in your way - just smooth and crisp lines laid exactly how you intended.