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  • Ink Guard Tattoo Aftercare Bandage 6" x 32 Feet
Ink Guard Tattoo Aftercare Bandage 6" x 32 Feet
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Ink Guard Tattoo Aftercare Bandage 6" x 32 Feet

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- Highest Quality Tattoo Aftercare Bandage Cover - Upgrade to this outstanding quality for the finest aftercare bandage available from Ink Permanent. Essential for protecting your new tattoo to prevent scarring while speeding the healing process. Make life easier, safer, and more comfortable with this convenient roll of cover-up tape.

- Durable PU with Gentle PET Backing - Simply cut to size, peel, and stick. We give you plenty to replace every 24 hours for better cleanliness and to allow more oxygen in for the fastest healing. The PU material breathes to let fresh air in while keeping out dirt, germs, and pathogens. Safe for your skin and system with no Latex.

- Big 32 Foot Roll - Ideal 6" width and super long 32 feet. This extra-large roll will be the only aftercare bandage you need to help the tattoo area heal and look its best. This is waterproof in the shower so you can live your normal life. Transparent to see and show off your new tattoo to lots of admirers. Ink Permanent Tattoo Aftercare Bandage is for the only time you will ever cover your tattoo.

- Multi-Purpose Second Skin - Bandage also works for first aid, skinned knees and elbows, and any time you need to cover a wound. Helps keep the injured area clean with ointments and lotions in place. Be sure to take a roll when camping or hiking.

- Treat Yourself to the Best - Get yours while we have this improved design in plentiful supply. It's selling fast after being recommended by tattoo artists for their clients. Enjoy outstanding protection, faster healing, and soothing comfort that makes a new tattoo a lot easier.